Rooney is NOT an England Legend

Rooney’s legacy has been up for debate during this international break and it’s quite simple really.

Rooney is not an England legend, nowhere near it. He is closing in on Sir Bobby Charlton’s record goals for England – therefore he must be a legend? No.
He is a goalscorer, our new captain and somewhat a leader (the two don’t go hand in hand). He has scored crucial goals and has been the best England player in the last 10 years – yet he is no legend.

How many games has he grabbed by the scruff of the neck? Changing the outlook of the game on his own accord. Very few. He is no Suarez for Uruguay, Ronaldo for Portugal, Schweinsteiger for Germany or Neymar for Brazil, the list goes on. These are World Class players who can change an international game with a combination their of skill and passion.

The mere fact that there is a debate on whether he is a legend shows that he is not. There are even stats to highlight more efficient strikers than Rooney. See

Could you even imagine debating whether Stanley Matthews or Sir Bobby Charlton were England legends? Never. We are becoming too quick to label players as a National legend just because we haven’t had one for sometime.

I cannot imagine telling my grandchildren how amazing, influential and imperative Rooney was for England. I doubt he will get a mention.
Hopefully, we won’t have this discussion about Sterling in later years, he will be an England legend without question.


International break has never been kind to us…until now!

Reports are swarming the internet that Mario Balotelli has been injured whilst on international duty!!!! 

In previous breaks we have lost Sturridge, which has had a massive impact on our result, Gerrard, albeit not this season and Sterling was heavily criticized. That’s just the England team! Never mind injuries to Can, Lazarrrr and Allen!

However, this injury news can only be seen as a positive! I know Sturridge is due to come back into the fold against Crystal Palace, which is great! I know I’ve backed Mario to come good when Sturridge comes back, but I think a short spell on the sidelines might be something he needs.

I still implore Rodgers to go with two up top, either Borini or Lambert partnered with Sturridge. Also, it must be time to see Jordan Ibe on the bench!!! This is suppose to be his breakthrough season!

Well, so far the boring international break has been good to us…Unfortunately, I can’t see it getting any better. Man, I do hate international breaks…

In Rodgers We Trust

The column inches are adding up for Rodgers and not in a good way. You don’t need me to tell you that he’s not had the best of weeks. Twitter in particular has been flooded with #RodgersOut – Idiots.

Seriously, I mean it, they are idiots. First of all, we have lost the third best player in the world, someone who played with such verve, passion and energy which is near impossible to recreate. Then Rodgers has invested these funds into unproven players, some still quite young, in hope that they learn his philosophy in years to come, something which we saw in our first season isn’t easy to just pick up and go. In addition to this Champions League football has been added into the mix.

Is a few bad results the end of days? If you really, truly believe Rodgers should be sacked then you don’t know much about football. Football isn’t based on three or four results, nor in my opinion a whole season. Last year wasn’t a fluke, Rodgers didn’t stumble on a side that were capable of pushing for the title. Here is a man who turned Suarez from a  guy with potential in front of goal if he didn’t snatch at his opportunities, into a lethal, world-class striker.

Rodgers is much more astute than we have ever given him credit for. For example; Do you remember the days where we pleaded for Dani Pacheco to play in the first team? Rodgers bundles along and plays youths right, left and center…but not Dani – because he realized that he didn’t have what it takes. Other examples include Conor Coady, Jonjo Shelvy, Adam Morgan, Jack Robinson and even Martin Kelly (who I think he got wrong!). He knows what types of players he wants and what types of players he can mould.

Unfortunately I have to bring up an ugly fact. We all know that Sir Alex Ferguson endured some pretty tough times at the start of his managerial career – how I would of loved for him to be sacked back then. We are approaching a similar crossroads with Rodgers. He is a young manager with plenty of experience. He doesn’t know all of the answers, he never will. He is forever learning, he has the hunger and desire to turn this club around – he has done it once and I will back him to the hilt to do it again.

We are not United supporters. We are not City supporters. We are not Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham supporters. We are supporters of the greatest club in the world. We stick together. Stand together as one and support your manager.

In Rodgers We Trust.

Positives from yesterday…because we need them!

Another 3 points lost. Another game Balotelli didn’t score. Another game goes by where Liverpool struggle to impress.

However, it’s important to focus on the positives at this point as well as identifying the negatives.

Firstly the negatives. Rodgers has no clue how to get the best out of the team. He won’t play two upfront because he doesn’t believe in Borini. Secondly, he won’t drop players/sub them based on their name – Gerrard or Henderson would of been a more apt sub than Can, Can proved a massive positive yesterday.

The positives. For the first 20 minutes or so we played with intensity, pressured the ball well and knocked the ball around well. Balotelli seemed to have a bit more enthusiasm and edge about him despite being on his own. Coutinho again impressed in spurts with some mazy runs. Mignolet played well again, apart from his shocking distribution. Emre Can bossed it yesterday, making positive forward runs, key interceptions, strong challenges and solid passes. He was clearly our man of the match. It was a shame he got subbed. The last positive is that we are so, so poor up front that Rodgers will be forced to buy ANOTHER striker. Let’s all hope and pray it’s Berahino, the kid looks magic.

All in all, we have some positives to draw from the game. A game where we were up against strong, undefeated opponents. Unfortunately, the pressure is on Rodgers now to start picking up some serious points. Let’s see if he’s up to it.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea Match Preview – What we need to do.

Saturday 12:45 p.m. – Liverpool host Chelsea in what some are calling Rodgers biggest game for the club due to the pressure of midweek. That is a farce. Last years fixture against Chelsea was obviously bigger. So, what does Rodgers need to do to ensure all 3 points.

Attack. Obviously. We have lacked the attacking potency of last season, the main thing we have lacked is driving the ball at opponents. Now we are seeing players static and just passing to one another. We used to run at defenders, offload the ball and keep the run going! Now we have rolled back to the latter Benitez years and looking for one person to make a run – if not, just knock it sideways and I’m sure we will find someone.
If we don’t attack tomorrow we won’t win, simple as. After last seasons frustration, It could be somewhat poetic if we managed to win with an outrageous attacking performance instead of a lackluster one that we are used to this season.

Rodgers also needs to be clever in who he picks for tomorrows lunch time kick-off. Emre Can has impressed me of late, sturdy, good range of passing and can make attacking runs when necessary. Kolo has given Rodgers a nudge after midweek heroics and Borini is surely chomping at the bit to start. We also need someone else up front – Balotelli and Lambert are just not up to it. I’d love to see Jordan Ibe or even Yesil get a opportunity from the bench, it could just be the breath of fresh air the club needs. Although in my starting XI I have gone for Mad Mario just because – why not? However, I have also included Borini – just for the very fact that I’d love to see 2 strikers up there for once!

squad (4)

Fingers, toes and Movember moustaches crossed for this game! We are going to need it.

Leave a comment – Do you think I have the starting XI right?

Rodgers got it right…at the wrong time.

Firstly, I applaud Brendan Rodgers for the ‘second string’ decision on Tuesday night. Pundits and ex-players were banging on about ‘The Liverpool Way’ and what he did put the club back 100 years…yadda yadda blah blah….

Rodgers had not put his best side out. He has called the game into disrepute. That he was disrespecting the Champions League. Even good old Gary Lineker had a few pops at us!

Whereas in fact, Rodgers did follow ‘The Liverpool Way’ by dropping players who  haven’t performed in the League as they should. They have not demonstrated the passion and verve of last year and therefore do not deserve to play in such an important fixture. If you don’t play to your best, you get benched. It was a reminder that just because they might be the ‘stronger’ players in the team doesn’t mean you don’t have to put effort in.

What came on Tuesday night was a reaction that Liverpool fans, nor anyone else, were not expecting…a bloody decent performance. Yes, we lost, however we finally lost with some passion, grit and determination. Borini was running his Italian heart out, Lucas dispossessed world-class opponents, Joe Allen was everywhere, Can sprayed the ball well and put in some fantastic challenges, even Markovic made a decent run or two! I don’t even have to mention how immense Kolo was…phenomenal.

Rodgers has given individuals a massive kick up the arse! They deserve it too, even Sterling hasn’t been at his best despite his best efforts.

Unfortunately, I think Rodgers has done this too late. Why didn’t he do it after the Villa result? Or the West Ham one? Or the Hull game. Why wait till now? At least he has done it…hopefully that ‘First Team’ will pull their finger out and start performing!

Rodgers ready to bench Stevie…Finally.

Rumours have surfaced of Rodgers resting Captain Fantastic, Steven Gerrard for tonight’s grudge match versus Real.

The majority of fans on twitter are outraged, worried and some are turning on Rodgers with the hashtag #RodgersOut

However, I have got to agree with Rodgers on this one. Gerrard has been poor, not just recently, but ever since THAT game against Chelsea. He is a tremendous player – yet that doesn’t give him the right to play every game.

With this being my second ‘anti-Gerrard’ post I want to reassure everyone that I think he is a talisman for our team and he puts in 110% every game. However, one man doesn’t make a team, never mind a club. It is time to bench Gerrard every so often. I do hope that he does turn his form around, I would love for him to be as effective as Pirlo. It’s time for someone else to shine, perhaps the industrial Can? Lucas? Or even Rossiter?!

Rodgers sounds like he may take a gamble tonight – I hope for him and for my beloved club that it pays off. Otherwise we will see more #RodgersOut in the morning…