Emre Can should be captain

Yup, you read that correctly. Emre Can should be our new captain next season.

During the Besiktas match I was once again thinking ‘Can is the best player on the pitch…he has been our best player since the turn of the year…he should be captain.’ And here’s why:


Can can (haha) play in a number of positions: central midfield, attacking midfield, holding midfield, centre back and even left back (played there for Bayer). He doesn’t just play in these positions, he dominates them. Just like Gerrard, wherever he plays he is one of the best players on the pitch.

Leadership skills

Can demonstrated some good leadership skills during the Besiktas match, telling players where to go; to slow down the game; where to play the ball. He is the leader among the back three too.


Can’s outrageous talent has been demonstrated this season. From his neat short passes, raking long balls, fine touch to the ridiculous skill he shows to brush pass opponents, these just just some of the things he has in his locker.


He’s young, very young. At just 21 years of age he would be a perfect captain to have going into the future. He’s a pretty good player now, with time and responsibility he will bloom into an outstanding player. Gerrard was 23 when get grabbed his chance for captaincy, why not Can?

He’s better than Henderson

As a leader, a player and a captain. I truly believe he is better than Henderson in every way. Can fits Rodgers philosophy, he brings a togetherness in the team (cooling down players and bringing them in after the controversial penalty last week) and he can take a decent penalty too!

His hair

Enough said.

Maybe I thought of this idea and it’s gone straight from my head to the blog, perhaps I haven’t thought this through. Yet, there is a question in my head which will not subside….Henderson or Can? In my opinion there is only one answer.


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