I envy Rugby…

Where do I start?

It pains me to write that as the title to this blog post. Rugby may be the less popular sport, with less money and tv coverage, yet we have a lot to learn from Rugby.

I am aware that this is not a new topic, plenty of football fans have used Rugby as an example on how to move our beloved sport forward. The reason why I bring this post up today is in light of some of this weeks news.

Firstly, we have young Harry Westlake (mascot at last weeks Six Nations game) belting out the national anthem, clearly he is bursting with pride and passion. The shivers which shot down my spine were phenomenal, thank-you for that Harry.
Unfortunately it raises another sore-point in football taboo; why can’t our English footballers sing as passionately as Harry or the rest of the England Rugby team?! Why make it appear that we are unhappy to be singing our National Anthem. Wake up boys. I sincerely hope you get the message this time and sing up when it comes to March Internationals…

Secondly, racism. Regardless of which team they support, those so called ‘fans’ on Tuesday night (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/31535021) should never get to see a game of football again. This type of behaviour is unacceptable in any situation. I don’t acknowledge you as fans or human beings for that matter. You are an utter disgrace to our country. There is no excuse for this; peer pressure, ‘in the moment’ or a bit of a laugh. No. There are never any incidents like this with Rugby fans, no stabbings, no riots and no racism.
FIFA need to get a grip on this problem, get harsh with fans and teams. Instead of giving them a ridiculously manageable fine, take points off them, closed door matches for the season. Whatever it takes to stamp this disease in football out.

Lastly, a quick one. Show the ref respect. Rugby players make it look so easy. It’s embarrassing. 

Let’s conclude…

Rugby is a fantastic sport, with excellent morals, passion and team spirit. I for one cannot defend footballers/football fans from their idiotic decisions. I love this sport, I hope I always will. Let’s just hope we can actually learn from other sports and cultures.


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