Why this season is better than last.

I’ve not gone crazy, I don’t need to get checked in to the nearest psych ward, however, this season is better than last…kinda.

Obviously last season was emphatic, despite not winning the title we were arguably the best team in England last year. We played with flair, passion, confidence and also had one of the best players in the world on our team. I, among many others, loved last season. Beating teams by large margins was sweet, especially Arsenal. Yet, this brings me to my point, something which I have been stewing over since February 10th. I prefer nail-biting wins compared to comfortable ones.

Last season we beat Tottenham without breaking a sweat, even Flanno popped up with a goal. Awesome scenes; elation throughout. Yet…it was so comfortable that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I was smiling, laughing and not fully engrossed in the game. I wasn’t trying to direct the game from my seat, I didn’t care if Gerrard misplaced a pass or even Joe Allen played a ball across instead of forward.
Compare it to this season; where we looked decent throughout the game, comfortable on the ball and always a constant threat going forward. Although we were leaking goals, I sincerely felt that we were going to always win the game. Up pops big Mario who’s been missing since November!

Now, I may be in the minority and I accept that, but I think this most recent game will give me more memories and glee than last seasons. Taking all 3 points off a rival for 4th in the dying embers of the game is, in my very humble and expert opinion, 10 times better than stuffing them 5-0. Usually when a team wins by such a margin it’s the fact that the other team were so bad, instead of the winning team being outstanding (borrowing words from Brendan now).

The last 22 games have been more like last season, but I still feel these games are so intense, on a knife-edge, unpredictable. It just makes it much more exciting for a fan. Ideally we would win every game, we haven’t had the season we all had hoped for, however if you look at it at an entertainment view then I truly feel this year is better than last year. Semi-final of the Mickey Mouse cup, going strong in the FA cup, started to do well in the BPL and the Europa League starts for us on Thursday.

Despite the point of this post, last season was of course better. We played so much better, had better players and ultimately better luck (injuries). I just have really enjoyed our season lately, the passion is returning and so are the late goals!
I may be wrong, I may be crazy but give me a nail-biting 3-2 win against a rival for 4th instead of giving them a stuffing. On the other hand…I’d be fairly happy with 5-0 every game…


One thought on “Why this season is better than last.

  1. Hmmm….not sure on this one but I know what you mean. I’ve enjoyed watching Markovic, Moreno, and Sakho come into form. People like to rib me but I sincerely mean that I’m happy when Liverpool are playing period. Yes, I’m happier when we win of course but its a joy to watch this club.


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