“Back to basics”

After another humiliating defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace, Rodgers came out with this; “We have to go back to basics…” Okay, great, that’s fine Rodgers, however, actually do it. First of all what are the basics? Well Rodgers did decide to point out the bleeding obvious after Sunday’s defeat by stating that we are under hitting passes. Surely he has not just realized this? If he hasn’t, then why have the players not taken it on board? Rodgers continued to explain that the team are conceding poor goals – again another obvious point. Finally, Rodgers ended with the fact that we are not playing as a team or with any aggression. So what is he going to do about it? What does ‘back to basics’ mean?

1) Drop the rubbish Players should be picked on performances not on their names. How on earth did Can not start on Sunday? Those players who are not playing with passion, aggression, under-hitting passes and are conceding poor goals need to be dropped. I don’t care whether they are legends or cost £20mill – I care about results. Lovern, Gerrard, Johnson and even possibly Coutinho (guilty of not playing appropriate passes) should all find themselves snugly sat on the bench on Wednesday night. End of.

2) Find a use for Gerrard He as been horrendous, there is no hiding behind it. I could reel off a bunch of stats from weeks previous but there is no point. He has been awful. Yet, he obviously still has talent and influence, we just need to manage it better, perhaps bring him on when (if…) we are 2-0 up – he’d be perfect in that scenario, he could slow the whole game down. Or even if we are chasing a goal, stick him up behind the striker for 10-15 minutes.

3) Get the ball back within 7 seconds It’s no secret that Rodgers likes his players to get the ball off the opponent within 7 seconds of losing it. We haven’t been doing it. We has lost our intensity. This particular tactic was so effective last season – teams were in two minds of keeping the ball or making a pass.

4) PLAY WITH TWO STRIKERS Rodgers. Just do it. 3 CAM’s are not working. I don’t think Coutinho and Sterling can play together to be honest.

5) Get some new staff Obviously King Carragher isn’t going to make a comeback and join the backroom staff. However, it is clear that we are in desperate need of someone with an idea of how to defend. My choice? Steve Clarke. Get on the phone Brendan.

So there we go. An idiots guide on how to go ‘back to the basics’ and possibly win a game 🙂 Let’s hope Rodgers reads it! Please join my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kopthought   –   only 11 likes so far compared to 900 Twitter followers so please like it and share it! Much appreciated 🙂


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